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Circular Saw
Circular Saw
Item number: 6.00544.00

■Metabo S-automatic torque limiting clutch
■spindle lock
■Sturdy aluminum die cast saw housing
■Sturdy guide plate made from light-weight magnesium die cast
■Fully closed guide plate for secure support
■Vibration-damping, non-slip rubber coated handle
■Double-guided parallel stop, can be used left and right
■Clearly visible cutting indicator for sawing after initial cut
■Safety lock switch to prevent unintentional start of the machine
■Angle adjustment of the sawing blade to the guide plate can be aligned for maximum cutting precision
■Angle-precise bevel cuts up to 45°
■Lubrication system for long service life of the gear
■Optimum sawing dust ejection
■External dust extraction outlet
■Extraction nozzle rotatable and stoppable
■auto-stop carbon brushes
■Adjustment of machine without tools for using on the precision guide rail 6.31213

Country :
Brand : Metabo
Model Number : Metabo 1400 watt Circular saw KS 66 Plus

Comparative technical values:

Torque9 Nm
Rated input power1.400 W
Output power800 W
Maximum cutting depth at 90°66 mm
Maximum cutting depth at 45°47 mm
Adjustable cutting depth0 - 66 mm
Saw blade Ø x drillingØ 190 x 30 mm
Idle revolution4.200 /min
Revolutions at rated load3.200 /min
Cutting speed at rated load32 m/s
Weight (without power cable)5,5 kg

Scope of delivery

  • Carbide circular saw blade (14 teeth)
  • Aluminium parallel guide
  • Hexagonal wrench

For more information Visit Metabo website

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